About me

Fantasmary (M. Rosaria Monticelli) is an Italian fantasy illustrator.

She followed scientific studies, but fell quickly in love with humanistic subjects: her formation is now an odd mixture of literature, astronomy, philosophy, chemistry, and languages.

She started to draw later in life: her first attempts, at 12, were all but promising; but with practise and commitment she could improve from the occasional killtime doodle to something that could be defined illustration. She has always been fond of the traditional “fantasy” imagery, so she threw herself  head-first among knights and sorcerers. Movies, videogames and roleplay games led her deeper and deeper into the western fantasy imagery.

Won the “Brancalonia” illustration contest held by Acheron Books
Contributed to “Mitologika India” collection by Casa Ailus

Joined the Casa Ailus collective
Painted the map for “Potterland” event by La Fortezza Fantasy Events
Drew the map for “La Pace su Ekeroth” novel published by Casta Editore
Collaborated with “Futurevo” magazine publishing
Illustrated “SCP Informazione Riservata” RPG

Won the “Tolkien Illustration” contest held by Compagnia de’ Viaggiatori in Arme

Graduated from Scuola Internazionale di Comics, Illustration course