My first exhibition

Photo by Tiziano Lapegna (
Photo by Tiziano Lapegna
Yup, that’s me.

So, the place where I work organized a party for its 31st birthday, and they had this idea about showing some of the employees’ works of art. They asked me a couple weeks beforehand, and since I had nothing better to do that day, I just answered, why not? And so my ordeal began.

Yeah, well, not so much an ordeal as to find something suitable to show people (no naked dark elf chicks) and fixing what could be fixed. Here’s where my Artemis update comes from. I even finished a totally new piece just in time (the cyberpunk-mecha-something-priest, now available in my Concept gallery!)

I was showing off with another half dozen colleagues, most of them photographers and only another traditional artist, a pencil portraitist. The place was astounding and the staging was great. Everything, the party and exhibition, was set in an old factory; the furniture and decoration were all made of reclaimed wood. All very modern and edgy.

Photo by me, that’s why it sucks.

The actual exhibition, meh, went as expected. A lot of people strolling by, watching a photo here and a portrait there, chatting among themselves but not actually interested. Only one person asked questions about my work and actually listened the answers; the others just smiled politely at my explanations without registering a word. And this is fine, because that’s how things go in an amateur exhibition.

Did I mention that I got to show my work in my first exhibition? Well, I partecipated in my first exhibition, and it was GREAT!